Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ

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h I’m a missionary with Overland Missions; so if you’d like to join my team and strengthen me to serve the Lord in Cambodia, then there’s several things you can do.

First, e-mail me, call me, or find me; an important part of being a part of my team is communication, we’re in this together to reach the neglected and forgotten peoples.


The best thing you can do for me is to pray. And I’ll be praying for you as well.


Note that in order for any donations to be counted towards my budget they have to either be annual gifts or monthly.

eCheck or Card

Go to:

or Bill Pay or Physical Check

You can use Bill Pay (The one with the least transaction fees) to send a monthly donation to:


Overland Missions
11 Riverside Dr Suite 201
Cocoa, FL 32922


3302 - Thomas Downs



Also, since Bill Pay or checks occur on your end, you also need to fill out this additional form so that Overland Missions counts it towards my budget goals.