Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ


Here I am at the World Headquarters yet

Overland Missions World Headquarters

Making good friends (most of them are coworkers technically, but we have fun). Still doing random odds and ends in the office which is fun. I get to hear great stories from the others about their experiences on the field as well as hear about all the work that goes into coordinating so many long and short term mission trips and flights and all the financial behind the scenes that keeps everything flowing. People that keep the world spinning

After work, We went out a couple times a week or so and did some evangelism, which was interesting; we encouraged Christians, prayed for the sick, got rejected by some non-christians, and helped some homeless people. Fortunately, Nathan was able to direct them to nearby programs which are geared toward rehabilitating and helping people out of homelessness (which is a major problem in the Cocoa Beach area.)


On a whim, John Sharpe invited me, Micah, and Priscilla to speak at his home church 3 hours away in Sarasota. We’re all housemates, but it was great going on a roadtrip together and sharing the vision and work of Overland Missions at Shining Light Church. They showed us so much kindness. We prayed for people to mature into who God has called them to be and to be effective at raising disciples and spreading the gospel here and abroad.

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Matt and Kim’s Wedding

Matt and Kim our friends who are stepping into the roles of admins of our Cambodia team are getting married on Saturday, so we’re all excited to go to that. They’re gonna be in sector together in Cambodia with Micah. Matt & Kim


I’m still waiting on my visa, (Matt’s doing most of the work on that front) but most of the problems and missing documentation seems to be worked out, just a little further and hopefully Micah and I will fly out in a couple weeks. Mountain, be cast into the sea.

For the kingdom,

Tommy Downs