Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ

Trying to leave

What’s Happening?

Thank you friends, family, and partners. I’m now fully funded and getting started on the process of transitioning to being a career missionary. Some stuff coming up:

  • 05-15: I’m having a going away party this Saturday at my house at 2pm, everyone is welcome.
  • 05-24 We’re going to get a new family picture in a couple weeks that includes my new niece Charity Joy Morgan.
  • In the next couple days I’m gonna start doing the paperwork to get a student visa entrance to Cambodia (if that fails I’ll go to Brazil or Zambia or somewhere for a bit, but we’re hopeful that I’ll get to Cambodia.) By sometime next month I hope to be on the foreign field. I have a fellow laborer who is also leaving for Cambodia around the same time, so we might coordinate that a little.

Too much fun with nieces

Hope on Hallelujah

Hope and Hallelujah are really fun and I’ve been having a blast playing with them. (Charity is fun too, but the only thing she knows how to do is poop.)

The Gravity

It’s an exciting time. I’m realizing I have no idea what I’m doing as far as living long-term in another country where I don’t speak the language yet, it’ll be fun to face new fears and levels of uncomfort and overcome. What have I gotten myself into, am I really doing this, is this a dream? How did I get here? If my reliance were on myself I’d never think I was enough for the job, but Christ is enough and he lives in me and is my strength. I will abide in Him and bear much fruit, apart from Him I can do nothing.

The Exchanged Life

Do you ever find yourself lacking the qualities that you know should reflect the Christian life? That supernatural holiness, peace, joy, and strength are supposed to be yours but somehow unattainable no matter how hard you try? Let me leave you with this letter from 1889 which relates the breakthrough that Hudson Taylor a missionary in China had.


Please pray that I’m granted a swift entrance to Cambodia and that the sharing of my faith is effective wherever I am.

For the Kingdom,

Tommy Downs