Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ


I am humbled by the people behind me; by the people praying, by the people funding, by the people that trust me to go into all the world to preach, disciple, and serve in Jesus’ name. God has been so faithful, he always goes above and beyond to bless me. I’m honored to have a great team in Cambodia already teaching, ministering, and encouraging people.

I could find myself unworthy, I could find myself inadequate, I could find myself undeserving of any of these blessings. But the truth is that Christ dwells in me and he’s more than enough to overcome any challenge, to light up any darkness. It’s not about me, it’s about Christ.

I’m making decent progress on building my team to get me and keep me in Cambodia; though I’ve been distracted by jobs (people really like having me work for them for some reason). I’m at 57% of my monthly budget now (and growing faster). My plan is to be in Cambodia by the end of October perhaps (Lord willing). It’s been a blast meeting with different people and encouraging them, whether they want to partner with me or not isn’t really my concern since the United States is also a mission field.

Cambodia Shirt

I’ve been screenprinting some Cambodia shirts and giving them to my partners and such, and they look pretty good. They say “Jesus loves you” in the Khmer language. Transcribed into English it looks like [pray-ah yay-sue sral-lañ nyeh].

My sister Harmony, her husband Reece, and their daughter Hope have been back from their missionary training in Mozambique since the end of July; they’re readjusting well to living at home with us in our multi-generational dwelling (maybe we’re Asian at heart?). They all intend on moving to Zambia Africa next year to do some pioneering there.

Surprisingly, Covid is not affecting our lives much at all, I guess the novelty of it is wearing off for most people. Must say though that I’m not a particular fan of video calls, but they’re amazing for seeing people who are far away that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I can videochat with people in Cambodia from the US, and that’s incredible.

Hey everyone, I’m so blessed by all of you, and hope that you’ll be blessed in every way.

Tommy Downs