Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ

Hopper's Real Week 1 (Schoolin begins) *(REWIND)*

Been doin some tests an’ the like, pretty fun lectures or discussions depending on the awakeness of the class, few tests and homeworks nuthin’ too crazy, day in day out. Jane-Marie had us out physical training and running for 20 mins straight, into 4 sets of 10 inline pushups, ahah pushed us hard, was fun. I heard her comment that Tommy, Joy, an I do whatever we’re asked, that we push ourselves irregardless, won’t break when tired just keep moving. That was a kindness, I like to think living your Christian life is a lot like that. You don’t burn out, you don’t stop, there is no break, or time to just “veg out”, you haven’t got an excuse, cuz the kingdom is your mission, and if you stop pushin, if you don’t challenge yourself, then you get slow, and if you’re slow, then they kill ya. So I was pleased by that, cuz thats how I’m’a live 4 Christ ya no?

They say we’re starving the dogs, its true, we eat 2nds, 3rds, and scraps others don’t finish, kinda disgusting the waste some people have, considering they fill up on snacks and u got this awesome meal, but I no not everyone was raised like myself so I just serve how I can, and starve the dogs out, ahhaha. This place is great, but I gotta grow, adapt, blend, overcome, in the smallest stupidest things, ahah kinda embarassin’, but I suppose thats why I’m here, get them edges smoothed, an de-burred.

Pfff what else, went fishin’ nuthin, meetin some fun people, any stablished staff (workin, for, with, around Overland) here is just a delight to converse with, so much 2 learn, some people come in a few days, move back along their way, we’re sorta like a hub in that regard, and I dig it. Idk if theres much else to report back to HQ, but u better believe if its funny and important you’ll get your kicks. Be well God bless, give my best to those we love, and those we know are eager for a word from the Lord. He says, “I am with them, and I have them in my perfect protection. They are doing my work spledidly. Remain steadfast and continue in my good pleasure.” Thus saith the Lord, Don’t believe me, jsut ask him.

Hey D got ur msgs haha glad ya’ll got dove, drop some off 4 Reece at the Downs’ sometime will ya?, say hey, he’d enjoy it, they prolly miss ya hahaha, glad 2 hear back from ya, funny suff, schoolin’s ez vehicle mechanics was a breeze, the mission stuff is like common sense, so im just w8’in 2 get back in the field, gotta keep my mind renewed, esp w/ so many influences, practicin Jas. 3 hehe, but learnin nonetheless, got zebra here, and impala, and the impala died of mysterious circumstances, so we ate em ina stew, yum, was like deer.

Report to the Mothership, ha ha ha, Thanks for preparin’ me, comes in handy often. Luv u.

One Month Later

fast forward month 1 or so Can God unscramblke scrambled eggs? can he uncook somethin hardboiled? For sure, but would u uncook Tommy? would u want to unscramble dat boi? If u ask me seasoned steak is betr XD, praise God the healing in his wings, enemy comin in waves strikin at the strongest, pfff piddly dribble, sleepy affliction, the kind that puts u 2 sleep while w/ em, boring sydney boring boring boring.

Had a revival week, I am the revival Christ in me

A Bit Later

Fast forward 1.5-2 months.

Had some other classes, I can’t recall, was like, a while ago nothing comes to mind, they say u should right erything down to recall, but I got the mind of Christ, so if I have it I can recall when necessary, but I’d suppose there’s nuthin necessary 2 report. Went on another expedition for a week, went to a sector where Fred + Memory + little Hannah live, preached 2-3 times a day, either to bible studies revival meetings or neighbors. Didn’t C how much the Lord did, but I know it is done. Something something, Tommy got in trouble for doing dishes hehehe, was workers job an he stole it XD. Workers are darlings, this was a while ago and everything blurs, I can trigger the memory but maybe it’ll b a future expression of the past, rather than a present tensing, bless u reader, remain steadfast and cleave to the Word

Still later (Present Day)

Fast forward 2-2.5 months

So we’ve been going to the neighboring village, Song-whey, every Sunday for a few hrs, bringin who we can to preach, keep our edge applying what we learned, read Mike Petzer’s Gospel of Identity and Dr Leon’s Chrisitian character, very good stuff, really common sense in content, but thats exactly what the Bible is, not some complex thing that is foreign and hard to understand, its real basic, easy to grasp, it’s how God made it, not built in pretty words and vain reasonings, Ecclesiastes speaks of vanity a lot, haven’t finished reading that. We also go to a bible study in the AM, but i’ve missed the last week to do homework, someone stopped me today and asked when id be coming back.

The staff here are so sweet, One fella, Trevor, he’s awesome, he interprets for us every time we go into the village, he’s the one who invited us to come on Sundays. Pretty awesome opportunity, and Gods using us mightily to be a blessing, and thankful are we to be tools for his purpose.

Zero bugs, except the wall spiders, and occasional ant army. OOH! army ants, look em up, so smart, also they hiss when u spit on them, also they are mean, also Tommy tried to bite one b4 it bit him, neither succeded in biting the other. Also blessed with a guys Night, super fun, yard games, steak, soda, and Euchre, yeah hahaha, Tommy taught em pepper and Joy taught em hand and foot, and 500 is next but we’ve agreed, 500 should b renamed to Nello XD.

Dan, Miranda, if this msg reaches u I would ask u remind me an Joy to come rnd and have dinner, or have u over at our place, we havnt ceen ya’ll in a while, granted ery1’s been busy, I remember fondly card games at ur place we need to b sure we dont get to busy 4 one another, and Im sayin that more for myself than ya’ll ahah, Im expecting some fun times, sharin stories and the like, Bless ya’ll I trust ur good knowing who ur Father is.

Lets see, Cambodians are my people, and easily the easiest to ease into, they make sense to a large degree, and have hearts of lead. I say this because a good interpreter is worth their weight in gold, so a lead heart is very heavy (dense) and thus their value is increased. This is How much I value them, A lot. I expect to c them at the conference this year, i cant speak to who will travel back to Iowa w/ us, but I can confirm those who attend the conference will probably lodge w/ us at that time. I would like to express my excitement to travel to Michigan and Indiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Florida. Denali’s Kin are my Kin, Madalyn’s Kin are to My Kin, Hannah’s Kin are to My Kin, I have received the Cambodians into my heart, and the Zambians, I also make special pretense to Corey, these are our Kin, Bless them in thoughts and prayers, as they are now our responsibility, If our new family is witness to this declaration.

Jesus loves you, and so do we, Can’t w8 2 meet ya’ll. Therefore all of you continue to do that which is good, and remain identified in the fullness of Christ in you. Bring only the glory of God in all things, and set ur mind on the things that are above. Willy, nxt time u get a chance to preach or share a msg, I would like u to do it on “Glory” Strongs has some fun things, I’ve been learnin a lot and I think if u get into it ull learn a lot aswell. Nossila, Please tell faith loose lips sink ships, and thats why people lose at battleship. Faith I love u dearly. Gracie, My wife has committed to giving all our shirts away, which means there will be only 1 1st generation shirt residing w/ us, therefore I will b in need of shirts, I can pay you 100 kwacha, Bless you, I certainly and joking to a degree.

If any have emailed me, I dont use my email b/c the internet is so slow, it takes up time for nuthin, so I apalogize if i havnt gotten back to u, it is not somthing I dedicate effort or time to. I will surely greet and recount to u all when I have returned. what else lets see. Mothership, thank u for ur encouragement, it was well received. I’m tired and running from things to be saying, so for the moment ill halt this chapter. B blessed, I love you all, Especially you pastor Dennis, and I love most of all, you all, b blessed, please recall, The same spirit that rose Jesus outta that tomb, resides in you.

If you aint layin hands, preachin, raisin’ the ded, or castin down devils you outa cuz He told ya to. I aint nuthin special cuz I’m in Africa, it’s the same spirit, the same authority. If you’re identified in Christ, then u no longer live but Him, meaning ur not who u were, ur old life is buried, u havnt got an excuse for not being who He is in you. Why fall short of Gods expectation when the fullness of God dwells in you, you’ve been given everything for life and Godliness. You can’t prove God lives in you, if u live like every1 else in the World. This is what I’m being taught. This is the fundamental foundation of an identity in Christ, I have so much to share since its the only thing thats been focused on for the last 2 weeks, so im brimming w/ identity. back in month 2 it was wisdom and knowledge, lemme tell ya I got a word for ery day of the week, and it dont stop, flowin in the spirit makes thinking seem foolish, leme tell ya, learn to flow in the word of God, it’s like u can’t script a better word, ahah so much to share, so little time, so much space, so many words, so much Jesus, so few laborers, I must go, I wish u my best, give my best to the rest, and note that u are made new. Luv yall’ ~Hopper