Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ

Hopper's Africa Update

Greetings to friends and family alike, may the sanctifying grace and tranquilizing peace of the Lord be upon you.

Long Short, Week 1, missed bus, arrived late, ran to terminal, was 1 minute late w/ Amy Carr, who called me a banana which ironically in cambodian Jake translates to Banana, weird. flight was awesome, food, games, movies, what a chill time, Wife enjoyed it aswell her 1st time flying. Landed wenta market for snax and money transfer (12.9393 ratio), got asked by a fella who was infirm to buy him poridge, so we did, went to base got setup, hung about view is nuts, rapid 14 has rapids who knew? Then they said u touch the water we send ya home, people die there, and crocs, and hippo’s and water is acid, and also scalding hot, and also freezing cold, also theres sharks, so water is a no go. But you can hike down the gorge its real steep, but down there is the rapid, and theres this lil sand beach where they spelled with rocks “welcome amt aug 19”, which u can see from the base, which is on the cliff edge way above. So when ya look down ya can read the sand txt.

One day Tommy invited people to hike it with him, as he gallops down the steep slippery rock cliff, he read Habakkuk 3:19, now hes a gazzzelle. So Tommy makes note that the gorge is calling AMT leaders and they should hike, strangly they declined, so we went down the gorge, spelt out Lo-Winski’s name, came back up and told him, the gorge is callin’ ya, HAHAHAH. we’ve done it for Jack Joseph aswell, and intend to do the rest, and bring them up a rock, just to challenge yaself. So that’s a glimpse of the shenanigans.

We’ve tried to serve where we can, dishes is easy enough so we did it ery night week 1, eating all possible leftovers, etc. We went into the bush, 2 words (Very Easy) Like camping, but easier, and with teams of 20, little work per person, food provided to make food, always enough, sleep ina tent, pump water froma well. Downsides, shower daily, there is no such thing as a dirty missionary, Hiked 12 Klicks to get to a village, was on flat sand whole way, zero challenge, fun fellowship tho, but as Tommy said, “Lifest everyday”. Longdrop toilets, too comfortable, My life i’ve been brought up to survive in any condition, and it was like a vacation, Hopefully future expeditions will be raining or something to test my metal, gotta test yourself every day, otherwise you get slow, and then they kill ya.

Glory to God, saw a devil get exorcised first hand, sat there an smiled at it (knowin it had to leave, ery knee must bow, mentionin the blood), so it turned away from me ahhahaha, got up an faced it, told it to “get” was pretty great. Saw 2-3 others manifestin, learnin a lot bout that, got this girl here who knows stuff bout castin em out so tahts cool, was at least 3 more other teams had I didn’t see prolly more, considerin’ all the hadns laid an’ so many afflicted with bad dreams, pain, witchcraft, I assume affliction aint just an infirmity but manifested spirits painin’ people. Ya see devil spirits are stupid, gotta give ‘em simple commands, they can’t tell if u know they’re there or not, so you treat ery symptom like a spirit, (all spirits manifest as afflictions, not all afflictions are spirits) command life and peace, whole, healthy and strong, walk away knowing its finished. Saw Gertrude’s back healed afeter we cast that out of her. Her husband had bleeding ears and paining headaches, along with acheing ears, they bleed of course they ached, healed that right up Glory 2 God.

Prayed for a lot of others who will have been healed by the time you read this. Just to name a few in memory, a boy w/ seizures, a boy w/ a swollen head, can’t see or walk, a village of 1 famly, mayb 60 people all had a respitory problem, bound that spirit right quick, lil girl with a fever, baby boy w/ a cough, all of which were commanded to b rightful in Jesus sight, and were delivered by the blood, hallelujah.

Was an 11 hrs drive to the bush in a very bumpity ride, roads here are trash or nonexistent sand pits ahahha, so sitting ina tree stand for hrs a day unable to move, be comfortable, or breathe did prepare me justly, but ery1 else made it, so it musn’t’ve been a challenge. Vacation is nice, and God does some cool things, like tie 4 pieces of scripture from the week into the sermon given on Sunday. Yeah thats weird man, was Gen 30 sumthin when God reveals himself to Moses, 2 Cor 3:7, Jn 4 or 5 the woman at the the well and like 1 Pet, talkin’ ‘bout countanance of God, and his glory. Give my best to all those who ask of me, encourage our brothers and sisters that we are well taken care of, personally I went into the African heat w/ my wife no sunscreen trusting in God to sustain us and he is faithful.

Also ruined a friends shirt, stained it during laundry, hung it to dry thankin’ God for removin’ it (red streaks ona white shirt), a heavy wind blew that night and in the Morning the stains were gone. ahahahhallelujah, Also commandin rain, and while I’m certain it rained where we told it, I havn’t heard back from key figures designated to inform us of when it came to pass so still commandin’, hopefully we don’t flood em w/ our faith. Be steadfast for He is faithfull, and he’s moving somethin’ heavy here you better believe, the enemy tried to hinder us but now we’re here so theres a whirlwind comin’ an we intend to ride it, devils shakin’ an mighty furious hahaha. God wants me to remind you that the same spirit thats here w/ me is the same thats in you, and he is not a respecter of persons, therein’ Go and do, and he’ll confirm himself through u, it’s a trip man. God bless b well, I’ll hit cha up nxt weak, ~Luv Hopper