Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ

Back From First Expedition

Then we got back from Salumbwe, and we went shopping at the Shoprite. But the other truck did not start, so most of the people from that truck squished into ours and Holden and Corey and some staff stayed with the other truck. I found out later that they got it working by putting a bag over the gas cap because there was an air leak. They had learned that trick while making moonshine in prison… Truly God does work everything out for the good of those who love God who are called according to his purpose. Wow.

I met an expedition leader named Caleb who recognized my Coda flute as an ocarina. It turns out he plays a ceramic triple ocarina. He also does flips and acrobatics, though he’s a daredevil and I’m not. If Theara is the Cambodian Hopper, then Caleb must be the Canadian Tommy. Weird…

The next day at 6:30am, Jason, Dan, Caleb, Joy, Hopper, Henette, Thanak, and I hiked the gorge. Caleb was the fastest person that I’ve descended the gorge with. Not as fast as myself, but faster than anyone else I’ve seen. When we got to the bottom we wrote “Jack Joseph” in the sand with the rocks to mess with JJ.

Then we went back up and played basketball with Dan because he was flying out of Zambia that day. After which, we cleaned up the trucks and everything from our expedition.

I handwashed some laundry and played ocarina with Caleb.

I was on dinner team for that week, so I got to help cook dinner every night with several others.

For church the next day, we had worship, and Phil shared about their new base by the Zambezi river. It looked like a lot of pioneering and construction, it looked like fun. I bet Reece would love it.

They said the speakers for the TV in our lounge weren’t working, so I pretended I was Ronnie Brown. Hopper and I plugged in the AUX cable and turned on the amp, and they worked.

First days of school start tomorrow. Oh yeah.