Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ

Advanced Mission Training Update 01

In 10 days, my sister Joy, her husband Hopper, and I are going to Zambia for 3 months. We’re going for advanced mission training by Overland Missions where we’ll learn 17 courses for spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. There’s so many people longing for a savior, yearning for a friend who haven’t seen Christ. We’re going to the ends of the earth to share Jesus (who lives inside of us) with every person.

Joy, Hopper, and I will post updates on here periodically. Feel free to e-mail us if you’d like to keep in touch. Tommy : ( Hopper : ( Joy : (

From Hopper:

Hello my name is Hopper, I’m not sure what I’m writing for this blog info, so I’ll start with what I know, God is good, He called me to ministry in all parts of the world to every creature, and His luv has changed me in such an outstanding way, his relationship with me is fulfilling and awe-some, praise the Lord. I’m goin’ to Advanced missionary training with my sweet wife Joy, and Her older brother and my good friend Tommy. I don’t know what to say so I’ll discuss them for a moment.

Joy is a darling, hard working and thoughtful, shes a sweetheart with a selfless love for others, and takes pleasure in sweeping and dishes, but only if she can do it over the course of an hr or 2, less than 45 mins just ain’t appetizing’ to her. Her ministry is her friends and to watch them grow in Christ is astounding, not a one wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and ask to lay hands on ‘em. Her boldness is there, but sometimes you gotta prompt it out, I can’t say I ain’t the same in ways though, wanna fight the battle, but the stores to far away to be bothered, or my neighbors hate our ministry so there’s some soreness there, and its an easy out, but that’s another story, to be perfectly content is our motto, in lack or abundance, Gods lookin’ out and we’re happy to serve. Joy’s my adjective girl, and I’ve got a vocabulary on me, so I’ll leave it at that.

Tommy, is a rapscallion of the most excellent of sorts, always with a righteous and self aware head on the swivel, he makes clever puns, and encourages every1 around him, mostly to play an instrument, but even when hes ribbing, hes prompting edification. somewhat quiet, or at least softer than me on the usual, hes bold, confident, and engages with anyone anywhere, usually to include em, but ministry ain’t no trouble, he manages to relate everything to the Word, which is pretty great for perspective, and u can have some fun, wild rhetoric with the man, he is knowledgeable bout many things, its like a hobby of his. Did i mention he can identify mint on any continent, he’s a pro at edible weeds and the like.

Editor’s note: Hopper likes to be creative with spelling, so I left it be.