Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ

Advanced Mission Training

Hopper said he wanted to do AMT (Advanced Mission Training), so Joy (My sister, his fiancé) and I decided we’d do it too.

There’s nothing more important than Jesus, and we’d like to do more for him. We’re in a life team together in Iowa; we go around praying for people, and ministering.

I’m the 3rd eldest of 10 kids, Joy’s the 6th, and we like singing and making music (God likes it too, his word says so). I stick to hymns mostly.

I’m 26 now. During the first 12 years of my life, my older sister Melody trained me in creativity, gymnastics, and missions. And seeing her life has given me perspective on what does and doesn’t matter. Every hobby was fun, but they’re mostly meaningless distractions. Relationships are what matter, not works of literature, feats of strength, or art; what matters is drawing people closer to God and closer to each other. Christ has given us everything we need for life and Godliness, he’s already paid for our peace, our healing, our sins. It’s time to proclaim it.

Joy is friendly and outgoing with a maturity far surpassing her 18 years. She takes her joy with her and displays it through servanthood and song.

Hopper’s 23 and on fire for Jesus with a zeal that has to be occasionally restrained. He’s great. He may not have read the whole Old Testament yet, but he knows the new and he devours scripture with a voracious appetite. He brings a freshness to my faith when I feel stagnant.