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Tommy Downs

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Music Resources

I play the mandolin, recorder, and ocarina mostly.

Lead Sheets (Melody and Chords)

Sheet Music


  • - Has many renditions of all of Psalms put to English meter and rhyme. Also, if you don’t know much about how meter in poetry works they have a great page on that. Basically if you know the meter of a hymn or song you can swap the tune or lyrics with any other song that also has that meter.


I wrote a beginner’s guide to playing hymns.


I wrote a beginner’s guide to playing hymns on the recorder.

I also wrote a blog post about why they’re amazing.


For the most part I don’t really like ocarinas, but the Coda flute has replaced the recorder as my favorite wind instrument. It’s way more portable and ergonomic and easier to play. At $60 it’s not as inexpensive, but for the innovation and quality of this instrument it’s worth it. It’s made by a guy in the US who developed his own manufacturing process to build them.

Beginner Songs

  • Nothing But the Blood
  • Down At the Cross
  • Amazing Grace
  • O Thou Fount
  • Be Thou My Vision


  • Basichords has chord references for most string instruments and tunings.
  • Vocal Pitch Monitor is great for tuning or just messing around.
  • Songbook is for organizing lyrics for most hymns and worship music.
  • Rhyming Dictionary helps with writing poetry in meter because it will tell you the stress of syllables.