Tommy Downs

Tommy Downs

A Servant of Jesus Christ


We were teaching in the village one day at this little shack shop and I was thinking to myself, “We come here every week and it’s always the same, I’m tired of this. I’m tired of teaching people and them not getting nor understanding it. I’m tired of Cambodians being too afraid to step out in faith and truly trust God. I’m tired of them being too scared to share their faith. I’m done just talking.”


I’ve never been one to baptize people in the spirit, I always just figure they have it already if they believe in Jesus, but I decided that something had to be done. So I started teaching on the holy spirit and the baptism in the holy spirit and I asked, “who wants the Holy Spirit?” They all wanted it so we prayed for the 6 or so women there to receive it. After that, one of the women had a sore leg, so we prayed for it a few times and she’s like, “it’s better than before.” Then we prayed for a grandma who had a hurt leg and back and she got better. Then a new woman walked up and said her arms hurt, that she couldn’t lift them, so we prayed for her a couple times and told her to try it out, so she lifted her arms and she was like, “oh, it’s better.”

Then a man walked by and complained about his leg as well, so the women told him to come get prayed for, we prayed for him and he was healed as well. We told them that Jesus is a healer, and that they can and should pray for one another and they don’t need to wait for us.

Then Tha explained to them that believers pray for the sick and that the sick don’t need to believe in Jesus in order to receive healing. People are healed by faith in Jesus, but it doesn’t have to be their own faith. However in order to receive salvation and new life they have to believe in Jesus for themselves.


Last month I went to Africa to represent Cambodia to upcoming missionaries.


I also got to spend time with my sister Harmony, her husband Reece and their kids. It warms my heart to see them bonding with their team, growing in wisdom, and to see their love in action for the people of Zambia. It was interesting to leave Cambodia where I’m comfortable, familiar, and competent to go to Africa where I have not been in 4 years.



On September 1 it will have been 2 years since I first came to Cambodia. It’s been an epic journey and I look forward to all that God is gonna do coming up. I never would’ve thought I’d be capable of discipling people, leading a team or taking the gospel into new villages, but here we are and God is moving powerfully through us.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

I am representing Christ and all of you to this nation,